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Spiritual KANSAI , Wabi Sabi

Visit a beautiful Japanese garden, dress in a formal kimono, and try preparing some tea; or perhaps visit one of the villages of old-and-simple homes that can still be found across Kansai. Finding order and respect among simple things, and a pure beauty in something old - these are the moments that you feel “wabi-sabi.” more about Spiritual KANSAI (Scheduled to be released on Dec. 28th) : There is nothing more harmonious than the atmosphere of old Japan. Places of tradition, of tranquility, innocence, honesty and integrity, simplicity, purity, and a respect for nature and for one another. Where the traditional Japanese aesthetics of Wabi Sabi, perfection in imperfection can be truly experienced. Kansai, Japan’s spiritual region. Kansai, Japan.

素朴な古民家の佇まいの中、清らかな水が庭を潤す。 互いに敬い、静かに間を保つ。 調和する心。 敬愛する心。 清廉の心。 寂静の心。 和敬清寂。 侘び寂びが募る地。 KANSAI, the Spiritual region in Japan. KANSAI Japan.



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