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Spiritual KANSAI , Pilgrimage

If you choose to walk the entire route - which takes a number of days - you can hope to find harmony with nature and a new respect for those who have come before you. Then you may connect with your inner self, discovering a new life and new values, and being reborn in nature. This is the kind of spiritual experience that awaits you in the mountains. more about Spiritual KANSAI (Scheduled to be released on Dec. 28th) : The spirits of the pilgrims of the past beckon. Their ancient, moss laden pathways lead through pristine nature to somewhere spiritual. There is something noticeably different, following in the footsteps of those, seeking the way, …feeling,..reborn, during this one, single lifetime. The sacred paths of Kansai, Japan’s spiritual region. Kansai, Japan.

人はいつからこの道を歩き始めたのか。 苔むした古道。 雄大な自然。 先人たちの深い祈りの声に耳を澄ませて歩く。 生きながらにして新しい自分に生まれ変わる道。 熊野古道。 KANSAI, the Spiritual region in Japan. KANSAI Japan.



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