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Spiritual KANSAI , Onsen

Feel across your entire body the blessings of a culture that has remained firm for more than a thousand years – hot springs, local cuisine, and Japanese sake – finding release from the exhaustion of everyday life and providing energy for tomorrow while relaxing and refreshing both body and mind. more about Spiritual KANSAI (Scheduled to be released on Dec. 28th) : In a land built on volcanic activity, and pure subterranean waters, the culture of the Onsen, hot springs, and traditional Ryokan have been enjoyed for over a thousand years. The hot, natural waters, and the calm, surrounding atmosphere, combined with traditional Japanese hospitality, the finest of sake and local cuisine, creates a spiritual release for the body and soul. Kansai, Japan’s spiritual region. Kansai, Japan.

豊かな地下水脈の上に立つ大地。 千年を超える悠久の温泉文化。 自然空間と一体となった旅館。 湯につかる時、心の癒しの時が訪れる。 清らかな伏流水から醸される日本酒を嗜む。 郷土料理を肴に杯が進む。 心と体が解放される地。 KANSAI, the Spiritual region in Japan. KANSAI Japan.



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