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Fabulous Fukushima - Fukushima (4K UHD)

The Fabulous Sisters are a group from Fukushima that has risen to become the world's number one dance group. Ruu, the representative of the Fabulous Sisters, has experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake and has continued to show the world the charms of Fukushima, which has suffered from harmful rumors.

"We can change the world's perception of Fukushima and create a better future by continuing to do what we want to do, no matter how hard it is.” - Ruu

The Fabulous Sisters will express their determination through dance with the backdrop of the beautiful sightseeing areas of Fukushima – the place they were born and raised.

Production: Fukushima Prefectural Government

Video Production: Grid Archieworks T

alent: Fabulous Sisters

Music: novsemilong


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