Historical Culture | The Grace of Japan, TOCHIGI

Ancient culture that has taken its roots from the traveling mountain Buddhist monks, Yamabushi. World heritage, beautifully decorated Toshogu Shrine. Nikko’s 8th century most important temple Rinnoji and the Futarasan Shrine, dedicated to Nikko’s three uttermost sacred mountains. Gorgeous gold lacquered, wooden statues.Admire the simply built traditional Kura storehouses along the picturesque Uzumagawa river. A historical picture of Tochigi drawn by a modern Ukiyo-e artist.

--- 山伏から続く古来の文化。世界遺産、日光東照宮、輪王寺、二荒山神社の荘厳な建築物。煌びやかな彫刻。蔵の街並みと巴波川。現代の浮世絵師が描く、いにしえの栃木絵図。「Historical Culture, TOCHIGI」。

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