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Spiritual KANSAI , Meditation

In a large temple, with a beautiful garden, rich history, and a gentle breeze, adopt the special seating position for Zen meditation; hold a writing brush, face the Japanese paper, and express what lies within your heart by writing; then have a delicious meal that brings you the blessings of nature. Learn about the spiritual culture of Japan while rediscovering your own perfect balance between body and mind. more about Spiritual KANSAI (Scheduled to be released on Dec. 28th) : What does it take to detach yourself from the ways of the world, to become one with the wind, the waters, and nature? To find yourself, within yourself,…where the senses, Sight, sound, touch, taste and smell, are re-awakened. One becomes what one should be….Zen. Reconnect with your heart, and soul, in Kansai, Japan’s spiritual region. Kansai, Japan.

風がそよぎ、鳥がさえずり、清流がせせらぐ。 全ての執着から離れ、自然の波長と一体となる時、 人は自らの内側に存在するもう一人の自分自身と出会う。 視覚、聴覚、触覚、味覚、嗅覚、全ての感覚が研ぎ澄まされる。 人が人としてあるべき姿となる。 禅。 自らの心の在り処に出会うすべ。 KANSAI, the Spiritual region in Japan. KANSAI Japan.



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