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Wild Fishing | Experience Ehime Japan 2020

"Ehime, full of Japanese historical culture" Ohenro Pilgrimage that spins Magnificent Seto island sea, steep mountains and calm history. Cycling course where we go through rich ecosystem and great nature. Ehime where we can see the depth of Japanese culture. Now, the landscape in front of you, this is the real shape of Japan. The journey starts to Ehime where people who are just themselves, cheerful and sincere live. "

深い日本の歴史文化が溢れる愛媛" 雄大な瀬戸内海、険しい山岳、悠久の歴史を紡ぐお遍路、豊かな生態系、大自然の中を滑走するサイクリングコース。日本文化の深淵に出会える愛媛。今、あなたの目の前に広がる風景、それこそが本当の日本の姿。飾らない人間性、明るく誠実な人々が暮らす愛媛への旅が始まる。

Produced by Ehime

Prefecture Created by XPJP

music: novsemilong

Official site : https://www.experience.visitehimejapa...

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